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Justesen Industries is a leading producer of architectural drapery meshthat decorates some of the most popular showrooms, museums, and entertainment venues in the world! We make our architectural design mesh on 35 high-speed computerized weaving machines at our Blaine plant where our highly skilled workers produce stunningly beautiful, exquisitely made architectural draperies.

Our mesh draperies are made with superior strength and require low maintenance. They are also lightweight and easy to install. Available in a wide variety of weaves, metals, gauges and finishes, our architectural mesh is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

What's more, all of our mesh coatings are available in a wide array of custom colors so we can meet your exact application and design requirements. Our decorative meshes are so versatile that they accommodate a wide range of venues - from small scale interior spaces to large scale exterior displays - all with style and elegance!

Justesen Industries, a family-owned company with more than three decades of mesh manufacturing expertise, offers the ultimate solution for decorating and partitioning rooms, displays, stages, hotels, and other state-of-the-art venues. A long-time leader in the industry, Justesenproduces architectural mesh that is designed and engineered to meet your vision and your applications performance requirements.
Justesen is the undisputed world wide leader in the production of architectural mesh!
Safety & Security
Justesen Industries is a leading designer and producer of safety and security coil mesh draperies that protects and beautifies some of the most prominent entertainment and scenic venues, as well as office complexes, throughout the world. Our elegant security screens enhance the natural beauty of a facility without sacrificing visibility. Custom manufactured at our 20,000 square-foot manufacturing plant in Blaine, our safety and security mesh is durable and appealing while also being highly functional and very affordable!

With everything from heavy duty safety screens with frames for window protection, to pinch guards for conveyer belts, or a side channel with a wall attachment for a security gate, our safety and security mesh is ideally suited for a wide variety of venues. Options in security screens include mounting our mesh with a totally secured edge, or using mesh like a hinge for movement, or flat type of mesh for a tight fit. We also produce mesh equipped with lockable side channels and side channels with wall attachments. And these are just some of the versatile applications of the security mesh Justesen Industries offers.

First and foremost, our security mesh keeps people safe and even saves lives! The safety application is used in sawmills to prevent employees from being injured by shielding them from moving parts and conveyer belts. At machine shops, our mesh protects workers and visitors from being hurt by flying debris and tools, while at zoos and aviaries Justesen safety nets serve effectively to cordon off animals from people.

Our customers look to Justesen Industries for superbly made window treatments and exterior shading screens that bring aesthetic beauty to all venues, whether they are small and simple or big and complex. Our safety and security meshes are affordable and available in a stylish array of materials and finishes in addition to multiple design choices.

Material for our mesh includes steel high density, aluminum safety, or steel security — all of which are vigorously reinforced and adorned in diverse colors that can cater to any professional, entertainment or cultural setting. Our sophisticated machines and highly skilled personnel give Justesen Industries the ability to create safety and security mesh that surpasses the expectations of our most demanding customers!

Justesen experiences customer satisfaction because it provides effective solutions that are designed to secure structures and spaces for both commercial and industrial venues.

Justesen Industries
is the undisputed world leader in safety and security screens.
Justesen Industries is a leading designer and producer of enclosure mesh that protects animals and people at some of the world's most popular aviaries and zoos. Because Justesen Industries is a trusted manufacturer of outstanding quality meshes, we now provide enclosure screens for the most prominent zoos worldwide, including those in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York!

Here are just some of the wildlife parks where you'll find Justesen enclosure screens:
• Woodland Zoo in Seattle
• Los Angeles Zoo - Adventure Island
• Bronx Zoo - Dujur Aviary
• Fort Worth Zoo in Texas
• San Francisco Zoo Animal Resource Center
• Disney Animal Kingdom Bird Aviary & Bais Enclosure "Walt Disney Imaginering & Jones & Jones"
• Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Wolf "Woods Aviary & Hard Holding Schibley & Associates"

Justesen has the capability to create high quality enclosure screens that accommodate various sizes and shapes while exceeding expectations of our customers. Our meshes are available in a variety of materials and finishes. We also offer multiple design choices.  Justesen Industries can provide a custom solution for nearly any type of venue based on your project's specifications and desired appearance.

Manufactured out of our 20,000 square-foot plant in Blaine, Justesen Industries creates woven wire fabric, which is the ideal choice for area or crowd control, as well as for partitioning.  Justesen low maintenance enclosure screens can be created - at an affordable price - in a variety of ways using stainless steel, brass, and copper. It is this versatility that makes Justesen Industries a well-established leader in mesh manufacturing! What's more, Justesen is with you every step of the way with support for the design and installation of your enclosure mesh.  Justesen is known for its expert guidance in helping customers get the most out of their mesh products!

Customers choose Justesen enclosure meshes because they are so durable and appealing while also being highly functional!

Justesen Industries is the first choice for enclosure screens!
Fire Screen
Justesen Industries is the largest manufacturer and distributor of fire screen mesh products in all of North America. We produce fire screens out of our 20,000 square-foot plant in Blaine for both residential and commercial fireplaces, as well as glass doors.

Our heavy-duty fire screens come in a stylish array of materials and finishes such as black, brass, antique brass, copper, nickel, and stainless steel-and there are no size restrictions! What's more, Justesen fire mesh is renowned for its superior strength and energy absorption qualities.

Our zinc phosphate coated mesh resists corrosion to maximize the appearance and durability of our Justesen fireplace screen finish. What's more, our high quality mesh screen also prevents sparks from damaging your carpet and hearth.

Among the exquisitely designed fire screen samples that we produce are the following:
• Brass Screen with a Beam Track
• Solid Copper Screens
3/16 inch Mini Mesh
¼ 19 Gauge Brass

How Justesen Fire Screens Are Created

Justesen Industries converts basic wire into various wire gauges, which is then woven into spirals. These spirals are interlaced together and knuckled at the ends.

How Justesen Fire Screens Can Be Purchased
Panels or rolls of our fire mesh can be purchased with or without rings. Justesen manufacturers rings with the standard ring sizing set at ½ inch. Our rings are spaced at 2 ½ inches apart. Your Justesen fire screen can be rolled as low as 10 inches vertically or as high as 120 inches.  Rollsare available in 25 foot lengths.
NOTE: Standard panel sizing ranges between 18 inches and 36 inches in height.

With over three decades of experience and leadership, Justesen Industries is the gold standard for fire screens throughout North America!
Home Decor
A Justesen fireplace screen brings beauty and elegance to your home décor while letting you savor the natural, soothing effects of your fireplace. Our exceptional quality heavy duty mesh screens prevent fire sparks from damaging your carpet and hearth so you can enjoy the ultimate experience of comfort with style!

At Justesen Industries, we design our custom fireplace screens to accommodate a wide variety of home decors and interior designs! For example, our galvanized steel wire comes in complementary and contrasting colors that include black, blue, gold, red, green, and fluorescent orange and transparent. Nylon covered wire is available in black, green, blue, and red. From our 20,000 square-foot plant in Blaine, Justesen manufactures the most fashionable colors and beautiful designs for fireplace screens that offer that finishing touch of artistic style to update your home.

You will enjoy the benefits of our zinc phosphate coated mesh for its resistance to corrosion and its ability to maximize appearance and durability of your fireplace screen finish. Our high quality fireplace screens give you the peace of mind of durability and safety while also adding a touch of beauty and sophistication to your home!

At Justesen Industries, we are specialists who offer exceptional value with our superb quality and affordable mesh screens. Justesen has the expertise and experience to create a completely custom fireplace screen!

Justesen fireplace screens also come with easy assembly and simple installation.

Transform your fireplace from the ordinary to the extraordinary with trend-setting, best-in-market custom recessed fireplace screens from Justesen Industries!
NOTE: Standard panel sizing ranges between 18 inches and 36 inches in height.

With over three decades of experience and leadership, Justesen Industries is the gold standard for fire screens throughout North America!
Chimney Sweeps
If you are a Chimney Sweep, you can earn substantial extra money by installing Justesen fire screen mesh panels to your customers' glass door fire screens. Whenever you service a customer's flue or chimney system you can increase your sale by adding on the installation of a recessed mount fire screen, or a fireplace insert, as well as other types of fire screen enclosures as part of that customer's fireplace servicing.

In fact, you could make an extra $700.00 in profits in just a month by installing 25 sets of Justesen replacement mesh panels! This is based on an installation price of $49.99.

The versatility of Justesen fireplace screens makes it easy for you add value to chimney cleaning service for scores of customers when you clean their chimneys or flues! You could retrofit as many as 82% of the most popular fireplace enclosures that you encounter on your typical service runs.

Justesen offers chimney sweeps this ideal method to earn significant extra cash by installing Justesen fire screen mesh panels when you service your customers' chimneys!

Justesen is the largest manufacturer of fireplace screen mesh products in North America!