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Justesen Industries is a leading producer of architectural drapery mesh that decorates some of the most popular showrooms, museums, and entertainment venues in the world! We make our architectural design mesh on 35 high-speed computerized weaving machines at our Blaine plant where our highly skilled workers produce stunningly beautiful, exquisitely made architectural draperies.

Among the famous places where Justesen architectural mesh adorns stages, museums, hotels, and parks are the Guggenheim Museum in both Las Vegas and New York City, Sherbourne Park in Toronto, Sheraton Hotel in Mexico City and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Justesen delivers creative design solutions in architectural mesh for luxury hotels and casinos, as well as for popular cultural centers and prominent financial centers. These venues include the World Trade Center in Seattle, the Victoria Estate Winery in British Columbia, and at world renowned tourist spots like the Showroom in Greece, and the Casino de Roulotte de Chantier at Gatineau in QC Canada.

Our mesh draperies are made with superior strength and require low maintenance. They are also lightweight and easy to install. Our decorative meshes are so versatile that they accommodate a wide range of venues - from small scale interior spaces to large scale exterior displays - all with style and elegance!

Using sophisticated high-tech wiring machines, Justesen produces exceptional quality mesh customized and crafted in the following designs and finishes: bright pearl finish, aluminum painted on motorized remote control tracks, aluminum wire with a white acrylic enamel finish, and natural finish draped at 50% fullness. What's more, all of our coatings are offered in a wide variety of custom colors so that we are able to satisfy your specific application and design requirements.

Justesen Industries, a family-owned company with more than three decades of mesh manufacturing expertise, offers the ultimate solution for decorating and partitioning rooms, displays, stages, hotels, and other state-of-the-art venues.

Justesen is the undisputed worldwide leader in the production of architectural mesh!
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